About Us

An Overnight Sensation

In the case of Franklin Plaza, the grandeur of historic architecture is surpassed only by the long-standing reputation of its owner, Michael’s Catering Services. It is two qualities, combined with a strong desire to meet the changing needs of our clients and the increasingly competitive world of catering which keeps us in the forefront. Of course, parties of this grand nature cannot occur without the support of a dedicated and professional staff. Loyalty, again is what it’s all about.

Our Vision and Mission

Michael Cocca has a reputation-a reputation for providing the little extras, for delivering on promises, and for serving the community. This reputation is built on over 35 years of dedication to the food industry. We offer our brides and grooms the opportunity to have a “Big City Elegant” wedding in their hometown. Our goal is to create a spectacular event for those hosting the event and their guests. The anticipation of spectacular architecture, wonderful sit-down meals with plenty of food choices for any dietary need, stewarded wines, Butlered “Homemade” hors d’oeuvres and painted plate desserts delivered with impeccable elegance.

The History of Franklin Plaza Ballroom

Rich In History And Tradition Franklin Plaza is renowned as the place to go to make dreams come true, and is the cornerstone of historic and enduring events. Its character has an instinctive connection in time which creates monumental memories and your very own time honored traditions. For over 170 years, Franklin Square of Troy has housed some of the most powerful financial institutions in New York State’s history. Built in 1833, its Doric architecture and grand entrance stood as a pillar of security at the edge of the Hudson River. In 1992, the building was restored to its original grandeur.

An Opulent Grand Palace Many key features of the building now have new meaning. The bank vault has been renovated into the Coat Check. The main entrance and teller’s counter, with its beautiful and rare pink marble has been transformed into the Grand Ballroom and Main Bar. Other grand features include the Walnut Boardroom and the Crystal Room. The historic Monitor Room was preserved from the original building for its rich heritage. In this very room the plans and financing were put in place to build the “Monitor”, the ironclad battleship that served the North in the Civil War. Be immersed in tradition and elegance with exquisite and lavish décor and celebrate with opulent style.

Historic Architecture of Franklin Plaza

The current building located at Fourth and Grand, designed by world-renowned local architect Marcus Reynolds, was built in 1923. With its "classic lines of dignified Doric architecture, this structure of Indiana limestone with elaborate marble…interior" was, at the time, deemed one of the most beautiful banks in the northern New York.

Recognizing that these kinds of buildings just aren’t built anymore, Cocca purchased the building in 1992, after it had lain empty for several years. "Many examples of similar historic architecture torn down 20 years ago are considered priceless today, " Michael says. "Now, there’s an appreciation of these great buildings that prompts us to want to save them. It’s nice to own a piece of history."

And save it he did! A 90-day whirlwind of renovation, with as many as three construction companies working at once, resulted in a refurbished building that retains its sense of history and opulence. Many of the original features of the building have been put to clever use. The bank’s vault –a massive York safe complete with unique features to deter would-be bank robbers is now a cloakroom. The marble and maple wood bar in the main dining area once served as a work area for bank tellers.

Our Commitment to Community

Giving back to the community is clearly on the keys to our success. After running a business for more than 25 years, you get to know everybody and everybody is family. I’ve grown up with these families worked the bris, their Bar Mitzvah, their weddings, and their funerals.

It is not unusual for Franklin Plaza to be hosting a fund-raiser, as often as once a week, for such organizations as the Albany Medical Center, Pediatrics, AIDS unit, March of Dimes, Child’s Hospital, Literacy Volunteers, Equinox, Camp Double H Hole In The Woods, and the Wildwood School.

The Franklin Plazza Ballroom Troy New York

The Franklin Plaza Troy New York

The Franklin Plaza Ballroom Troy New York